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    Namibia’s Bitter Taste of White Supremacy


    Sep 25, 2018
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    The soil and the Blood goo that white Supremacists aspire to and stand for is first played out in Namibia and repeated its wishes at Charlotteville, north Carolina, America.

    BBC News reports reasons for Namibian genocide as if Namibians deserve it by saying Namibians rebelled. British imperialists are the same Europeans with family ties in Germany and who have created an extensive network of rule across Europe. Those who ordered the massacre of Namibians were these people and their networks. They ravaged indigenous populations across the globe, pillaged and left its military (colonisers never left) to hold fort and continue the legacy of ruinous impoverishing occupation of lands that Namibians suffer today. These are the key atrocities: Extermination of Africans in 1904 (Trump’s grandfather came to US almost the same time). The Germans killed many Namibians, 75% of the Herero population were killed. (Is this a Holy Roman empire??).

    Germans are still in Namibia as a menacing presence and a terrifying one for Namibians. The Germans have impounded 75 million acres of the most arable lands and shoved the Namibians into the desert and living there.

    Germans, also racist white supremacists, believe that they are superior than Africans and proved it by exterminating Namibians and taking their skulls (as first sample of genocide) to prove the inferiority of Africans to the white race.

    Economically these powers (Europeans countries in particular) compete for supremacy and gianthood of their nations, bent on towering above the other. They fiercely guard their borders and do not want other people to migrate to their countries of birth.

    Germans wants the annihilation of a people who do not belong to their race and yet want their land to occupy (as a Holy Roman empire and a family to the Queen of UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Herero lands went to the royal family in particular.

    This is an ongoing punishment for any group of indigenous populations who dare oppose rape of their lands and resources, the Lord Rebuke Europeans imperialists and their supporters.

    Africans lack strong news representation to tell their own stories in graphic details for us to understand the scope of German atrocities. Germans went there purposely to grab their lands, a business venture of draconian means. Many skulls from other African countries are still being kept in Germany, including Cameroun, Togo, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

    From what we see in south Africa, reparation without a total withdrawal will cripple Namibians further. Germans must completely leave Namibia and return all the resources they stole back to Namibians. Europeans should never be allowed to do business in that region. A strong African heads should deliberate, in Africa, and retain the integrity of the judgement. No injuction should come from Europe they are the guity party and should not deliberate. They will favor the judgment.

    The present people grabbing farmlands is clearly the German’s dream, their pride and joy of superpowerdom. A small area, puffed up by pride decide to engage an gentle elephant and becomes a pesky fly on the ears of Africa.

    A dude who just want to prove himself brave, a deliberate act to impress. A finery display of military fashion with feathers and prima donna stances with a guttural speeches and the picture is complete. Fashionable and appearance conscious, perfectly coifed like the Ottoman courtiers with their ridiculously large turbans and mustaches. Probably to impress their women and concubines. I sew so I have to look at the manufacturing of the military uniforms and the cuttings of the royal uniforms. maybe made by Rothschild sewers.

    These acts are a massive belief system that propels their society to act heinously to neighbors. You got to know what drive these militants and their foresight. Add a little drama here, a little genocide there and you are a superpower. A group of known men with their women vying for power and influence in their societies. Tall, handsome, their people swoon to their swaying prowess and appeal to their senses for sexual fantasies for a knight in a shining armor. A distress pretty child (damsel) or whatever tickles their fancy. They must have the very fine in life or other die for them trying. Materialism is the focus – the belief system, not Christ or His beliefs for humaneness

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