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    Namibia’s Injustices, Drive Out the Whites Completely -It’s Too Impoverishing


    Oct 4, 2018
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    This concept of land grab by European whites is replicated the world over, especially in Africa and the Americas where racist attacks by whites is rampant where they might feel comfortable that attacking minorities are cool concepts.  Why indeed has whites stayed in Namibia for so long is pretty shocking, it seems the African leaders have not been able to drive out the Nazis.  As a result Namibians have been impoverished for many generations. The rich and poor is rather startling. Its like the Abrahamic and Lotian concept where Lot and his family chooses the most fertile of an arid land while Abraham lives in a dry desert land.  Namibians have had to deal with 44% of the most fertile land seized by Germans and White south African Boers in the most provocative manner. Nobody goes to Europe to farm their lands in Switzerland and milk cows with bells.

    How can Germans and Boers impose ‘rulership’ over Namibia and south Africa like this? Let’s talk harassment, provocation, rudeness and overstay to exploit. It looks as if African leaders in Namibia and south Africa beat around the bush far too long and the problem does not go away. Deal it decisively and kick them out. Its too damaging, economically and it doesn’t make economic sense either.  And the Boers and Nazi descendents do not have to live there either.  Its unsolved genocide and ethnic cleansing issues.  Because the whites keep a low profile due to the criminality of that behavior and keep out many journalists from those areas. When they leave Namibia that is when the full grim picture of whites’ atrocities will come to light. No if or but. Get them out.

    If whites are rich what are they doing in southern African countries? The Namibian Finance Minister is strategically white. A position strategically placed to siphon off the wealth of the Namibian lands. This is nothing but daytime robbery, right beneath our noses.  The situation is so absurd to the point of ridiculousness. Germans are so fastidious when it comes to their country but what is this vicious Namibian strong hold? The very presence of whites in Namibia perpetuates this heinous crime against humanity. Africans themselves should solve it. Take the bull by the horn and say, “out!”


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