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    Namibia’s Woes of Germanic Occupation and Impoverishment


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Redfish’s Germans in Namibia: Apartheid Continued (Part 1&2) highlights the heinous and troubling phenomenon of harassment of continued militarism of Germans and Europeans in southern African countries – Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and some others. Its seems censored but its on youtube as titled. According to Redish, “Namibia eventually ended up in the hands of Apartheid South Africa via a deal with the British. The colonial regime of South Africa introduced a policy of settling poor South African whites in Namibia and handing them vast tracts of land to sustain themselves. This policy was a catastrophe for the indigenous people leading to further displacement on a huge scale. Between 1925 and 1960 roughly 39 million hectares – an area bigger than the whole of Germany– was expropriated from the natives (and yes, without compensation)”. Germans occupy 75 million acres of the country’s best land (Abraham and Lot anyone) while the native hold 5.5 acres as of 2002. Google Site here seem to censor Redfish’s story but a close second is shown above.

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