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Yorbing Staff Monday, Dec 20, 2020. *Featured: Yorbing News Media, Dec 20, 2020, Youtube.

Master KG, Zanda Zakuza & Makhadzi …in OpenMic Production’s important music videos about the essence of Africa and worldly life in earthy setting…

Video: Open Mic Productions, Nov 23, 2019, Youtube

So our desk dance becomes street fair and we are going full bad at it …Artists … wanna know who your songs are performing on the streets…? Let’s roll on it ….Rudeboy πŸ’«

Video: Open Mic Productions, Oct 23, 2020, Youtube

Makhadzi, DJ Call Me & MrK2 …

Video: King T, Nov 1, 2019, 2020, Youtube

Firm …

Video: OpenMic Productions, Nov 19, 2020, Youtube

A love story …

Video: Jack Bohloko, Jan 5, 2020, Youtube

And some fire burning …arrrggghhh…

Video: MzansiMagicOfficial, March 14, 2020, Youtube

Some power…

Video: MzansiMagicOfficial, March 14, 2020, Youtube

And in conclusion, merry Christmas …

Video: OpenMic Production, Dec 16, 2020, Youtube

More cometh – -to be continued – – –

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