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    National Labor Relations: U.S. Socialism Lesson


    Jan 29, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Tuesday January 29, 2019

    New rule will make it harder for workers to unionize. US workers spoofs unionization aka socialism and gets clobbered. U.S. had slavery as its ‘workers right’ euphemisticallly. Labor unions are viciously stamped out.

    WNYC The Take Away – New York

    The National Labor Relations Board is a federal agency that adjudicates on cases related to the National Labor Relations Act, the legislation that covers a worker’s right to bargain collectively. When President Trump nominated two conservatives to the NLRB in 2017, the ideological balance of the board tilted to the right.

    On Friday, the NLRB ruled in a case involving drivers at SuperShuttle, a franchise in Dallas, Fort Worth. The drivers had wanted to unionize, but the board ruled that they didn’t count as employees, but independent contractors.

    The ruling redefines how the NLRB defines employees and independent contractors, narrowing an Obama-era ruling that would have made it easier for workers to seek federal protection.

    Robert Iafolla is a reporter for Bloomberg Law, and he joins the program to discuss.

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