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    New York Federal Reserve Prints Money In Our Name But Where Is It?


    Dec 18, 2018
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    I went looking for a startup money to fund my business but met a no. So New York Fed and their money manufacturing business prints money in our name but we dont get to see any money.

    When New Jersey, New York goverments printed money and gave to banks, those of us burdened with student loans and mortgages and credit card loans and tons of debts did not get the federal money-printing businesses to bail us out. Instead we were left to die off on the streets.

    How come there wasn’t bailout money for students, allowances for graduates looking for jobs and left on their own device to fend for themselves? Was money supposed to not be printed and distributed to needed people in time of need? SBA totally refused to give me money. It was a flatout no even though I was coming out from school to settle down in my country New Jersey. Who the hell was supposed to help if not SBA and others setup to help?

    U.S. Bureau of Labor stats are blatant lies and does not compute. No body came looking to know where or how we were getting by without money. Nobody ever asks so where do they get their unemployment figures? What about the overwhelming debts and default rate of graduates? 3.7% unemployment my ass merry christmas.

    Living in New Jersey is death, really stinks. There’s deathly silence about our plight. We’ve not recovered from nothing, they print money into their pockets. Recession has become a sleeping papa bear, for now.

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