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    Nissan Ex-Boss Ghosn Indicted For Underreporting Income


    Dec 10, 2018
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    Nissan Motor has issued an apology following the company’s indictment by Tokyo prosecutors on Monday.

    Tokyo prosecutors indicted Nissan’s former chairman Carlos Ghosn, former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly for understating Ghosn’s executive compensation in Nissan’s securities reports.

    Prosecutors also indicted Nissan Motor itself as a corporate entity involved in the case.

    The statement reads Nissan takes this situation extremely seriously. It says making false disclosures on annual securities reports greatly harms the integrity of Nissan’s public disclosures in the securities markets, and the company expresses its deepest regret.

    The statement adds Nissan would work to improve its corporate governance and compliance, including making accurate disclosures of corporate information.

    From: NHK

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