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    No, This Has Been War Against Blacks World Wide


    May 30, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Saturday May 30, 2020

    *Featured: Bloomberg Quick Take, may 29, 2020, Youtube

    A disgusting show of white hegemony…of course Trumpf approves of the violence against Blacks to Tweet that protestors of the murder are ‘thugs’. You monstrous, worse disaster of an American leader.

    WCCO-CBS Minnesota typically supports police brutality, and is excited about maintaining ‘law & order’…

    Video: WCCO-CBS Minnesota, May 30, 2020, Youtube

    Anger and grieve….

    Video; CBS This Morning,

    Wide spread outrage…

    Video: KSDK News, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    Its this persistent picture of white-only in charge, where Black reporters have no authority and can be arrest on camera while European-American reporters take a safe stance and rebuke, which is so frustrating. White lives are also in danger, where Meyer became a victim in Charlottesville.

    Video: KARE 11, May 29, 2020, Youtube

    As people vent anger…

    Video: Good Morning America, May 28, 2020, Youtube

    And some concisions….

    Video: KTLA, May 28, 2020, Youtube

    The cop who chocked George Floyd house was found…

    Video: Inside Edition, May 28, 2020, Youtube

    Still ongoing…

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