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    Obadele Kambon Talks About The History Of North Africa


    Jan 6, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 6, 2019

    Eurasian Arabs in north Africa referendum conflict is over who will control the land of Black people. Africans as Black people’s problem is coming together with our enemies. No matter how long the Arabs have been on the land of Black people they do not consider themselves as Black people, the evidence is there as they are still selling Black people through enslavement till this very day. Eurasian Arabs in north Africa get admiration by those who do not know history. Eurasian Arab enemies come to Black Africans as ‘friends’ but is actually an opportunistic ploy, a self interest to those who dont know anything so we get Blacks who want to unite with the same Eurasian Arab enemies who we’ve had for the past 5000 years.

    Taking a weak rope to tether a sheep, the sheep breaks it, you take the same weak rope to tether it again make you a fool. If we were as intelligent as Black people we will come to understand why are Arabs who are on stolen land in north Africa, why are they doing the various things they do?

    1. It allows them to retain that stolen land that they are on, again on the land of Black people. If they give you aid which is the new form of enslavement in and of itself, this aid will not make you to say let me take my territory back from these invaders. You go o they are so nice. This is the same with the USAID, with India, China and Eurasian groups.
    2. Once they come with soft power, they will pat you on the head and say o nice boy, you go o they are so nice to me. The very first thing that Ghaddafi would do, if he’s really for Africa’s people, which is not to crowned himself as King of Kings, which he did, it will be to vacate the land of Black people and restore it to them, who are the indigenes of that place. But we did not see that.
    3. Where ever there’s the dynamism of Black White exists, whether its an Arab country, Islamic country, you have the White Muslims on top and the Black Muslims at the bottom ( we see that consistently with the Saudi prince who killed Khashoggi, physically distances himself from the Blacks sitting by him and snuggles closer to the Jordanian king who is white). If its a capitalist country, you have the White capitalists on top and the Black capitalist on the bottom. if its a Socialist or Communist country, you have the White Socialist or Communist on top and the Black Socialist on the bottom. If its Libya you have these white Arabs on top and the Black people on the bottom. Being used as mercenaries, being killed, being enslaved still. It is a continuation that this isn’t a new thing, it is a continuation that goes ancient times. See your enemies as is.
    4. Education – Eurasian Arab’s presence in north Africa is due to the wide spread, mass ignorance of all Black African people. The acceptance of Morocco who are still enslaving Black people till this day, just like Mauritania, Libya and all Arab states, they are still selling Black people, still to be there at the north, unchallenged, it is the vacation of all lands of Black people, then all of that oil money will go to the Black people. All the resources, land, agriculture to the Black people who are indigenous to the land.
    5. The goodwill of the Eurasian Arabs is to recognize that this is the land of Black people, paleo anthropology, fossils, that show the indigenous Blacks people in light of the fact of Arab expansion, as invaders, let’s leave the land of the Black people. The Black people also need to be aware of how far back this has been even to this modern day.

    Arab invasion into northern Africa. Kambon said the African struggle of being occupied has gone on for 5100 years. Arab fighters are recruited from their countries to northern Africa.

    TRT’s documentary depicts the same group of whites wanting a piece of Africa for chops. They lie and cheat to take a chunk of land space for their forebears. TRT promotes this video thinking nobody knows what the real agenda is and the misconceptions that goes along with it. They are actually militaries that try to attack Africans on the continent. Amazigh or whoever they are are definitely not Africans. They are enemies posing as longtime residents of African Sahara desert. These are the Ghadafi-types – Arabs. Just do a DNA test. They have no business in African desert, even if they are renegades. They cloak themselves with a benigh thinking of rights and wrongs of a religious minority to take a hold on power and prowess. They are Eurasians preempting land resources for hegemony.

    The Eurasian Arabs Ghaddafi-type have nothing to do with Africans except they are on stolen north African land that they stole a few thousand years ago. These are not Africans or a panAfricanist people or African continentalists. The Arabs have nothing to do with panAfricanism with stolen territory of Africa. Majority of Arabs came after the spread of Islam.

    Morocco, Mauritania and Libya still enslaves Africans and ignorance makes those moving north to Europe fall victim to Eurasian Arabs and European’s hatred towards Africa.

    Ghaddafi started as panArabism not panAfricanism, just like Nasser, of Arab nationalism, of Arab revolution and of Arab unity. Not Africa’s unity, nationalism or revolution. The Arabs want to merge north Africa into a federation for the Islamic empire called Federation of Arab Republic, not Africa. They stress: all of us are Arabs, not African. White Pale Eurasian Arab. Ghaddafi spearheaded the concept. Listen to the rest of Kambon’s talk video. Below is UK anthropologists’ account:

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