Othello Drama? Nigerian Musicians Takes It A Notch Higher

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Yorbing Staff Sunday January 19, 2020

*Featured: MagnitoVeVO, Nov 15, 2018, Youtube.

A rather nifty nicely acted-out singsong play with a huge Afropop beat by Nigerian musician, Magnito and his Team, an excellent but muddy playsong called ‘Relationship Be Like’…Its so irrelevant that its relevant. There’s no basis for the first part argument – its an assumption gone wry, difficult to follow, especially with language innuendos, refreshing though it is. Magnito does not want to take blame for infidelities in marriage but gives equal measure to both without basis, what caused it in the first place? Advertisers needed to take this great story to another level.

Part 2:

Video: MagnitoVEVO, Nov 27, 2018, Youtube

Part 3

Video: MagnitoVEVO, Dec 28, 2018, Youtube

Part 4

Video: MagnitoVEVO, Jan 21, 2019, Youtube

Part 5

Video: MagnitoVEVO, Feb 7, 2019, Youtube

Part 6

Video: MagnitoVEVO, Feb 25, 2019, Youtube

Part 7

Video: MagnitoVEVO, March 17, 2019, Youtube

Part 8 (Here is where I happen to curiously click on it and got the series, is there more?)

Video: MagnitoVEVO, April 24, 2019, Youtube

Part 9

Video: MagnitoVEVO, June 18, 2019, Youtube

Part 10

Video: MagnitoVEVO, June 28, 2019, Youtube

I hope Magnito gets advertising sponsors to continue, its a great story.

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