Palestinians March Against A Terrible Racist, Israel

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Yorbing Staff Friday June 26, 2020

*Featured: Ruptly, June 26, 2020, Youtube

Palestinians march in protest to a so-called white carve-upists who use religion to snatch an otherwise international landmass, for everyone to go pray. Muslims want it, unreservedly and whites want it unreservedly. Who wins?

Who even says that place is the exact spot of an incoming quack Messiah, when there are other spots where the Lord HIMSELF can choose to appear? Why is The LORD restricted to a spot and why might HE not change His Own Mind about His own Plan in essence?

You talk and choose, but the Lord must acquiesce His agendas just so f**king morons can fight a war HE might not even be interested in..! O dear Lord and Mercy…

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