Police Brutality: A Noose Is Found In Nascar Bubba Wallace’s Garage

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Yorbing Staff Monday June 22, 2020

*Featured: Good Morning America, June 22, 2020, Youtube


Video: ESPN, June 22, 2020, Youtube

And one of George Floyd’s killers is out shopping freely… omg, U.S Justice system is truly alarming …

Courtesy Video: Lisa Cabrera, June 22, 2020, Youtube

According Ghanaian Diasporan, Samuel Okyere, South Korean parents do not want Blacks with qualified Masters Degrees to teach their children because they are Black.

Video: Asian Boss, June 13, 2020, Youtube

Asia seem to struggle majorly with racism against Black people, why?

Video: The Black Experience, Japan, Dec 6, 2019, Youtube

And Sen. Cory Booker says …U.S is pretty much not truly, really kind to Black Americans …

Video: Now This News, June 22, 2020, Youtube

Julius Malema goes all out …

Video: Viable TV, June 17, 2020, Youtube

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