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    Police Brutality: A White Middle-Easterner Called Cops On George Floyd


    Jun 5, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday June 5, 2020

    *Featured: WCCO – CBS Minnesota, May 28, 2020, Youtube

    Its seems due to systemic racism in America and other westernized countries, Africans have become target of racism in the world. Even a Middle-Eastern immigrant seems he’s better than a Black American.

    The store owner will have to answer how a supposed $20 bill is counterfeit. His name is Mahmod Abuma-jaleh, Cup Foods, Minnesota, called 911 and led to the most horrific death of our brethren.

    Islam you are dead dog.

    Racism that plagues people of African descent comes home to roost…

    Video: CBC News, June 5, 2020, Youtube

    And some look at white groups themselves…where gluttony and greed persists in all sphere of lavishness…where the backlash comes in the form of individualized decisions to refuse to service people of African descent in hospitals, schools, startup business, marriages, births and high mortality rate among Blacks to extinct them e.g. in Canada and Australia. The backlash becomes an aid to, and deliberately, to starve Blacks by not serving them of food or services with religious symbols and Christian warefare songs in their protestant/non-denominational churches.

    Video: CBS News, June 4, 2020, Youtube

    White resistance sometimes come in the form of gauging ones mood to viciously upfronted an attack or muted rage of anger and dislike, with a deep suspicion that a Black will steal their money. There’s also the consequence of deep unemployment based on white-only funding of entrepreneurship and small business startups where banks deliberately withhold loans, business account grants to startups and plain old support for young startups or charge heavy business banking fees that siphons off the startup capital to negative. Then the startup start owing money to the business bank account and must pay a very rich bank her last penny in sorrow.

    Whites are aided by their own darling leaders like Trump who appears to have their success at heart and will do everything possible to attain control for whites against Blacks. And Blacks suffer, and lose out, and die out, and are persecuted, and oppressed.

    Blacks strive the hardest to attain a goal in a lifetime while it takes perhaps 1-3 months, for whites, to get a business off the ground and earn profit or scholarship in a school, with luxurious study abroad trips. Whites’ grieve is mass shootings, but even that, it doesn’t shake them off the horror.

    This is nothing but sponging off a people for ones own survival. Whites themselves suffer because not all of them want to extinct Blacks or replace Brown people, in say Australia and its genocide of Aboriginal people.

    Whites lose legitimacy in the eyes of the world and wouldn’t respect them at all, even though they will seek it with all their hearts, soul and mind and to the moon. Like Ahab and Jezebel coveting a vineyard even though the land lays vast before them.

    Video: Vice News, June 5, 2020, Youtube

    Is Trump’s Admin using private army to quell protest? They will sure squander the national resources for sure.

    As time progresses and new people from African countries join African-American communities, due to that system of institutional racism, their experiences rolls onto the new people from African countries and they in turn experience institutional racism and whites experience their privileges like a white south African to America.

    For me, I will say, white-Americans, must face the law of judgement for slavery and abuse of power to Black Americans for a long time to come, whether they like it or not.

    Video: Blasian FMA, June 3, 2020, Youtube

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