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    Police Brutality: Black Businesses, BLM Protests


    Jul 29, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday July 29, 2020. *Featured: Ruptly, July 26, 2020, Youtube.

    Militarized guys dressed as police? Blacks demand their rights with rifles and march downtown Louisville in Breonna Taylor’s honor…

    Video: Ruptly, July 27, 2020, Youtube

    Still trending BLM protest clashes…

    Video: Ruptly, July 26, 2020, Youtube

    Below’s guy talk might sound great to some politicians, but some Black Diasporan businesses and startups must have the alternative to migrate offshore to kickstart their products, however, the infrastructure in developing countries like Ghana and Nigeria, makes the move unsurmountable & frightening, to say the least, for example, facing real-estate costs, hotels, airbnbs for long spell of time, hunting for office or store locations, is teary.

    Work ethically Ghanaians and Nigerians are money-conscious and conveniently forget about the long-term vision of our businesses. They like money-chumping off foreigners and will move heaven and earth to exchange goods and services in unethical ways. For example, you might change strategies for services or exchanges several times which eats right into the months of negotiations. Some, you might schedule a meeting and no one will arrive early.

    It can be exciting but I hate ghosting on the job, including relationships.

    Video: Dan Lok, April 22, 2020, Youtube

    Watch out for those as you transit.

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