Police Brutality: George Floyd As An Example

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Yorbing Staff Sunday June 7, 2020

*Featured: Daily Nous, Justin Weinberg, ‘Protesting The Murder Of George Floyd’, June 1, 2020.

Police caught spitting on a detained protestor…

Video: VPM, June 3, 2020, Youtube

A memorial for George Floyd at Mahmod Abuma-yaleh’s store Cup Foods, Minneapolis.

Video: Vice News, June 6, 2020, Youtube

White cop should not arrest Blacks any more, its too toxic…La Mesa, California:

Video: CBS 8 San Fiego, June 4, 2020, Youtube

False accusations and harassment of Blacks…watch…

Video: KPBS, June 4, 2020, Youtube

And white power…

Video: ABC 10 News, June 6, 2020, Youtube

And sheer frustration about white police behavior towards Blacks..Its a group behavior that must be stopped….

Video: NBC News, June 5, 2020, Youtube

A notable reasonable reporting by Blacks themselves….

Video: 11Alive, June 7, 2020, Youtube

But Black police has become conditioned to manhandle Blacks themselves…like Pavlovians where violence against Blacks are so rampart that Black police also go after Blacks and behave like white police and think Black is naturally criminal.

Touch a white person and this white police wont be smiling…

Video: 11Alive, June 5, 2020, Youtube

Obviously police are too overgrown to be in the force anyway. the force should be a transitory career for disciplined teaching or as a volunteer service and after 2-5 years tenure, is over. It shouldn’t be a career where nepotism fester. Not anybody should enter police force – one must be a university/ college graduate only, with a sound mind and heart. Police trainees must have probational period of 12-24 months before full time and highly proven merit.

The force must be more youthful and collegial with highly disciplined, valued members of the universities/colleges than average ‘Americans’.

The police recruits must be highly intelligent not belligerent or seeking a paycheck only 🙂

Police service shouldn’t be a place to get a stable, ‘secure employment’ with a sturdy paycheck. No wonder politicians are so damn old in America. Jeez….

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