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    Police Brutality: Inequities That Plague The U.S.


    Jun 8, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday June 8, 2020

    *Featured: Massive crowd of protests in Hollywood. NBC LA, June 8, 2020, Youtube.

    The underpinning reasons Mahmod Abuma-yaleh’s Cup Foods clerks deem George Floyd paying them with a perceived $20 counterfeit bill leading to his demise is implicit bias toward Blacks…1. There’s no need to be violent towards Blacks because there are too many laws that are not obeyed by the same police force. There’s rampant discrimination within the police force itself against Black,

    Video: Act.tv, April 16, 2019, Youtube

    2. The term ‘Black’ itself is derogatory and must be abolished by both people of African descent and European Americans, and other races. Systemic racism is the result of oppression of People of African Descent for ages. It is the militarilized policy of Europeans against Africans and people of African descent, to overcome them in every sphere of life, by power.

    Acquaintances recounts on horseback…just watch…

    Video: ABC 13 Houston, June 4, 2020, Youtube

    3. Economically African-Americans must be heads of the monetary system especially directorship of the fiscal policies of America, not European-Americans only, where European-Americans hold the American pot of gold over the heads of African-Americans. African-Americans should have a conference about this issue and implement their own economic empowerment and not rely on Europe.

    Give peace a chance…

    Video: CBS Sunday Morning, June 7, 2020, Youtube

    4. Blacks (used interchangeably) should not welcome ‘other races to their countries because its not compulsory to mix up. Carve some states within United States and rule over them, and stop sparring with Europeans who are naturally war-thugs.

    Nationwide demonstrations…

    Video: 11Alive , June 8, 2020, Youtube

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