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    Police Brutality: Is Peace We Want, Not Wars With Priti Patel And Her Kind


    Jun 11, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday June 11, 2020

    *Featured: The Sun, June 8, 2020, Youtube

    Ass bitches will not be able to withstand it even if we are boujee queens or slay queens, we look better than made-up dolls like Priti Blond Patel.

    Briton right-wing politicians cannot face righteous indignation of Britons in general so they use women to represent their ass bitch gluttonous greediness. They’ve wantoned all over the earth and still not satisfied. They taken all the oils of the earth and still not satisfied. They’ve hoarded all the golds of the earth and still not satisfied. I mean, its kind of a delight to look upon all the stolen artifacts with wry satisfaction, and still not satisfied. You’ve maimed, killed off, extincted Aboriginals in Australia and New Zealand and still not satisfied.

    You have raped Chinese women, Japanese, Thais, Indonesia, Philippines, all over the earth and you want still want us to make you lead us in prayer to who? Allah?

    Priti Patel represents the illegalistic British ruling-class bitches and rule shit ass classes my foot, institutionalized be personalities like aka Prito Patel.

    Video: iTV News, June 9, 2020, Youtube

    Give back our flaming lion totems which is idolized, it doesn’t belong to Welish peoples.

    Image: Google.com

    The carnage of human selling was a free for all enterprise, unknown to African chiefs; that they were quackery and totally illegal, so the victims participated in it. By the time they realized that they’ve been conned, it was too late and it became an unbreakable crime against humanity because it was highly toxic to humans.

    Part 1 A dehumanizing process for disdain and contempt later on … this created enmity between the races, in a process of slave and master, which should never be. Below is a Black Briton, Sean Fletcher‘s recount…

    Video: BigSensorVideo, Oct 12, 2016, Youtube

    Part 2

    Video: BigSensorVideo, Oct 12, 2016, Youtube

    Amazing clarity above, please watch above video before continuing…

    British Members of Parliament are still involved in illicit lucrative business deals that make them multi millionaires today, like Boris Johnson, the Queen of May etc which causes a toxic mixture of envy, fear and jealousy of other Europeans, which in turn propels them to do the same atrocious acts to Africans for gain. The capture of people became objects of profit, and national economic policy for development. It became a national identity that Britain as an empire, dealt in purchase and sales of raw (African) materials exportable to overseas. So the more they proceeded with such policy, so did their thinking to develop and acquire the latest trendy weapons to guard their national resource.

    Video: Channel 4, News, June 7, 2020, Youtube

    So today Priti Patel is saying what and her kind..?

    Video: ABC News, June 11, 2020, Youtube

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