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    Police Brutality: Is U.S. Safe For Blacks After This?


    Jun 24, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff By Isabel Cofie, Wednesday June 24, 2020

    *Featured: Aluta Continua, never abase….Ruptly, June 24, 2020, Youtube

    Statues still coming down because slavery also meant NO PAY forever….your boss sees you as part of a HORSE, fed and housed to plow the fields. Well,, do you stay and fight or leave specifically back to Africa?

    Hmmm….tell racist whites to go to hell because America belongs to Blacks and never whites only…shit heads. America is PART OF THE EARTH…! African-Americans do not have any country but America, the POLICE MUST BE PURGED OF STUPIDITY. PURGE THE NAZIS IN THE US GOVT! They will foment stupid forever..! KICK THEM OUT to the garbage bin, where they BELONG!

    Prosper ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD…Black America, hear me, tell your enemies, if they come close or stop you or call cops on you, say, “I will defend myself against you. I HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST HATERS”.

    Blacks, listen and protect and respect one another.!

    Visit Africa and locate your families…!

    Build something for yourselves and DO NOT grow weary..!

    Build walls around your houses, get protection, just like those baleful police. Gadget up specifically against police brutality by wearing protective clothes, shoes etc,… Invent protection and guard against the specifics that makes Blacks so vulnerable to police brutality. Know that white hatred is phenomenal and totally absurd, so sell them African stuffs or any cool wares you’ve made for sale to them…voila!

    Befriend Japanese, Chinese, South Koreans, Taiwanese … (not Indians -punish them for their racism, including Arabs, they also enslaved Blacks, infact Africa’s demise is specifically from ARABS…) Punish those who persecute you. Believe your sufficiency; that you are enough and that you can go beyond your merits to more greatness. … May you, Blackie, be blessed forever.

    Travel the world and enjoy it..!

    Speak with authority and mean it….!

    Acknowledge the abuse of fellow Blacks and do not diminish the pain a victim might experience in a place. Dont keep silent. Speak out.

    Stop being jealous of one other’s efforts and support them and be there and communicate success to them…

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, June 23, 2020, Youtube

    Just listen to an old flame Farrakhan blast Trump and his private army recruiters…

    Video: Viable TV June 7, 2020, Youtube


    Video: Now This News, June 14, 2020, Youtube

    And wars …

    Video: Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, June 17, 2020, Youtube

    Pence refuses to…?…He’s a nobody…!

    Video: ABC News, June 21, 2020, Youtube

    Asian push-back..? Get Asians to support..because China indeed did better than 100s of years of white relationship… Europeans just wanted to pass their shenanigans to your children at home, as a socialization process, so that their children will in-turn hold the race card against Blacks forever. Stop that curse. Nobody needs it today….

    Video: DJVlad, June 10, 2020, Youtube

    A fight for pay for labor…? No MORE THIS below…!..Let’s see progression from now on…

    Video: Al Jazeera English, Nov 26, 2019, Youtube


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