Police Brutality: New Jersey Trump Supporters Lurks In Streets Of Newark, Elsewhere In The North

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Yorbing Staff Saturday June 13, 2020

*Featured: MSNBC, June 13, 2020, Youtube

The ex-officer murderer…

Video: ABC News, June 10, 2020, Youtube

New Jersey lurks a stronghold of white supremacists in sleepy towns…

Video: 6ABC Philadelphia, June 9, 2020, Youtube

In a pretty gruesome imitation of George Floyd’s demise…

Video: NBC10, June 9, 2020, Youtube

White supremacists’ counter protests in Smithstown, NY

Video: EyeWitness News, ABC 7NY, Youtube

The East Coast, especially New Jersey and New York harbors the most virulent crimes against humanity as they struggles with persistent hate of Blacks in the suburbs and towns…

Video: NBC News, June 12, 2020, Youtube

And pounce on lone protestors, so pray for protection from those hate-mongers…the white caller basically is telling the police, ‘there’s one here so come choke to death too…

Video: Now This News, June 13, 2020, Youtube (Colorado)

As Minneapolis Police Union resists reform…

Video: Now This News, June 11, 2020, Youtube

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