Police Brutality: Police Become More Violent

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Yorbing Staff Monday June 8, 2020

*Featured: TNT -Trending News Today, June 7, 2020

Collin Powell speaks…

Video: CNN, June 8, 2020, Youtube

Raeford, North Caroline is on fire…

Video: The News & Observer, June 6, 2020, Youtube

Police violently tasers a Black brethren in Fairfax County, Virginia even as we mourn George Floyd painful demise.

Video: NBC News, June 8, 2020, Youtube

A Black Police Confront colleague…

Video: Now This News, June n7, 2020, Youtube

Calls to defund the police force…

Video: Pix11 News, June 7, 2020, Youtube

Their headquarters, London, is gripped…

Video: Ruptly, June 8, 2020, Youtube

Amazing …

Video: The News & Observer, June 2, 2020, Youtube

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