Police Brutality: Police Use Tear Gas And Stun Grenade To Kill Off the Outrage

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday June 2, 2020

*Featured: The Young Turks, May 26, 2020, Youtube

The events that led to George Floyd’s demise…

Video: NBC News, June 1, 2020, Youtube

And stifle African Americans’ outrage against the asphyxiation and eventual death of George Floyd and others in brutal murders…

Video: Washington Post, May 30, 2020, Youtube

Military police, ordered by Trumpf to attack protestors with stun grenades and teargasses..

Video: Al Jazeera English, June 2, 2020, Youtube

Trump Admin. aggressively orders police to scatter protestors….

Video: MSNBC, June 2, 2020, Youtube

Result of asphyxiation of George Floyd…

Video: Now This News, June 1, 2020, Youtube

And reflection on the divisions within the American society…international support…

Video: Now This News, June 1, 2020, Youtube

What next? Another brutality? Another mass shooting?

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