Police Brutality: Rally Memorial For George Floyd

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Yorbing Staff Thursday June 4, 2020

*Featured: The Hill, June 3, 2020, Youtube

A rally …

Video: 11Alive, June 4, 2020, Youtube

Service being arranged….

Video: 11Alive, June 4, 2020, Youtube

What led to the funeral…

Video: 11Alive, May 28, 2020, Youtube

US Secretary Of Defense, Mark Esper, break rank with Trump Admin over using military force against protestors…

Video: CBS This Morning, June 4, 2020, Youtube

And some international perspective…

Video: DW News, June 2, 2020, Youtube

The catholic pope says…

Video: Now This News,

A previous TEd Talk on Black murder as the norm in westernized societies…

Video: TEDx

The incarceration rate is at break neck speed to Blacks and slow …

Video: Washington Post 2017

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