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    Police Brutality: Root Cause Of Police Violence Is Inadequate Training Courses, Others


    Jun 4, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff By Isabel Cofie, Thursday June 4, 2020

    *Featured: 11Alive, June 4, 2020, Youtube

    The course outline is woeful inadequate and there’s the need to study and reform policing in the United States…Even with the featured outline we realize that the outline is not good. The Propose Deadly Force Policies is an assumption of violence at first glance. The policy’s assumption takes the tone of aggression, to victimize without ceasing, for a long period of time, a continuum, to be in existence after a long while. We are pretty surprised at the draconian list.

    1. The Police must love peace first no matter the circumstance
    2. The language of instruction must change – no one wants to be seen as the aggressor or the prey first.
    3. Know the community and the community must know the police by name or affinity.
    4. Too many ‘laws’ and not enough active love will pervert justice or even of the assumption of innocence.
    5. Police must be athletically fit. They are too overweight and look gluttonous. Individuals must be fit and remain so throughout policeship, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically
    6. Tone down on the weapons [who wants to see heavily armed toyman on the streets, intimidating people?] U.S. is naturally peace loving and respectful compared to the rest of the world. Very refined and polished. Its people have to be highly recommended for self discipline and not assumption of violence as violence exist in all societies.
    7. Emulate countries in Africa that never have such problems and check why it is so.
    8. Respect people of African descent especially western Africans and their descendants. For they’ve been victimized for over a 1000 years, proven by research and sciences, for a long period of time. Do research on the whys.
    9. Police must be Black in Black neighborhoods with respect to the people of African descent communities and other races.
    10. Address historical issues, slavery on contemporaneous issues like Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Angola etc as part of their lives and not deny it.
    11. Acknowledge Africa is next to Europe and are neighbors, not divided especially by Italians, say, or British etc…
    12. Continue to be open-minded to reform hard to reach economic malaise and solve them with all resources available without baleful ‘budgeting’..
    13. Love all other races also with equal equanimity…
    14. Love White communities and embrace each other without accusations. Be united.
    15. If police will come clean about inadequacies and challenges and the enormity of their problems, maybe they might not be overwhelmed by criminsl behaviors and not kill innocent people, yes George Floyd was innocent.

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    There has been please for a change for many years…

    Video: MSNBC, June 4, 2020, Youtube

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