Police Brutality: Seattle Protestors Bar Police From Precinct

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Yorbing Staff Saturday June 13, 2020

*Featured: KOMO News, June 13, 2020, Youtube

Bad White police officers must be rooted out of the force. The power of the police must be striped to bare bones because of their brutality and racism on Black neighborhoods that are already under severe financial strain…

The police department in Minnesota has some pretty nasty secrets on brutality toward Blacks …

Video: WCCO -CBS Minnesota, June 13, 2020, Youtube

As peace-loving Minnesotans want reform in the police department and ask the chief to resign …

Video: WCCO -CBS Minnesota, June 12, 2020, Youtube

Downtown Seattle is a bit no-nonsense to police brutality and block police from entering their offices to work…

Video: ABC New, June 12, 2020, Youtube

The racial disparities in America deeply works against Blacks….but media is afraid to totally hold the bull by the horn and speak out against white police officers in their power tripping Blacks…Then the police officers intentional go after Blacks to arrest them as a habit of game and the hunted for a badge of honor within the police force.

Video: ABC News, June 12, 2020, Youtube

And Trump officials wouldn’t want American war criminals to be prosecuted, in a bit to abuse its power and privilege because the ICC Prosecutor is led by a Black. America’s reason for push-back is that ‘its evolution from a republic to an empire that believes that Americans live by their own standards and America’s alone, {America is basically operating with impunity} so US uses {its vague local or international law?) to fake-sanction

Video: Al Jazeera English, June 12, 2020, Youtube

While some whites are deeply offended with Black Life Matter protests…

Video: Now This News, June 9, 2020, Youtube

White-supremacists adherents confront any person that looks different (like Nazi-Europe) and do not want to acknowledge any truth about where they come from….they angrily look for fights to lash-out their anger at Black Lives Matter rallies…

Video: Now This News, June 9, 2020, Youtube

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