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    Police Brutality: ‘Seattle’s No Police Allowed’, Some Gospel


    Jun 14, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Sunday June 14, 2020

    *Featured: Courtesy of King 5, June 14, 2020, Youtube

    Seattle starts to expel police from their neighborhoods… A prayer at the last part of this story-line piece…

    Video: Al Jazeera English, June 13, 2020, Youtube

    Another Black man Rayshad Brooks is savagely kiled by police…

    Video: Good Morning America, June 14, 2020, Youtube

    Just watch a short version of the video below on the discussion…

    Video: NBC News, June 14, 2020, Youtube

    While white supremacists go up in flame, of course, needing these neighborhoods to kill Blacks…

    Video: Inside Edition, June 11, 2020, Youtube

    As Blacks are killed even in their homes by police…

    Video: CBS News, June 12, 2020, Youtube

    Nothing but the Blood Of Yashua…

    Video: Powerful Praise And Worship, Travis Greene, ‘Nothing But The Blood‘, April 19, 2019, Youtube

    Let’s pray…

    Video: Abba Praise, Todd Galberth, ‘Great Are You Lord’, June 5, 2020, Youtube

    The Breath Of The Lord help us in this trying times…

    Video: TRIBL, Maverick City, Feat. Bri Babineaux, Alton Eugene, ‘Holy Ghost‘, May 29, 2020, nYoutube

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