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    Police Brutality: The Police Is Deeply Defiant


    Jun 9, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Isabel Cofie Tuesday June 9, 2020

    *Featured: A Portuguese castle pass down through European power handovers…Video By Angela Anagho TV, Aug 20, 2019

    1. We want the Federal Reserve banks to fund Blacks, to put Blacks on its board of Directors, not a tokens, but equal numbers. Blacks must apply to the Federal Reserve on all levels and Blacks must be representative especially in the HR department. The money is there plentiful, they just dont want to share with Blacks. Why are Blacks being punished?
    2. Big companies must include successful Black companies, including small ones, to grow internationally. For example, Fortune 500 companies must be headed by Blacks, owned by Blacks because its their country first, not the last Asian standing. Do not replace Blacks. Then, if perhaps they like, they can invites others to join. At the moment, it shouldn’t be ‘its for us all’ crap.

    Colin Kaepernick in Volta region, Ghana…to fight against racism in America…

    Video: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area, July 5, 2020, Youtube

    Police has thrown caution out the window, to be as brutal and maniacal as possible…the rest look the other way as harm is being done to citizens. How to get the bad seeds out? Its time to weed out the real wheat from the tar.

    Gruesome images of police brutality on protestors and Blacks of all ages…

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, June 9, 2020, Youtube

    A strong hold depiction of European-Americans’ aggression towards Blacks…

    Video: CBS This Morning, June 5, 2020, Youtube

    Londoners drowning a honored slave-trader…but UK’s White Britons political system seem to favor Indians over Blacks and use them as tools of effective discrimination against Black Britons.

    Video: The Independent, June 7, 2020, Youtube

    International protests…

    Video: DW News, June 6, 2020, Youtube

    The symbols of systemic racism…by Paul Rucker, ’18…

    Video: TED, July 19, 2018, Youtube

    Attitudes have become delineating to avoid white backlash…

    Video: The Young Turks, June 9, 2020, Youtube

    And internationalism…because Blacks and impoverished people of the world have been victimized by decades of stealing of their resources to indulge the rich.

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,



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