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    Police Brutality: The Real Issue Is Unemployment, Lack Of Black Startup Biz Funding


    Jun 12, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday June 12, 2020

    *Featured Image: BlackLivesMatter.Com, [Accessed June 12, 2020].

    Black small businesses like startup entrepreneurship suffer due to insufficient funding of Blacks in general. There must be a BLM Relief Program that specifically fund Black businesses from startup level of 0 employees and up because that where the majority of Black startup businesses are located at, due to discrimination and racism that kills off the startups.

    Just like Banks were used as conduits for Covid Relief funding so should funding for Black startup businesses be channeled so that it will reach every Black and even the unbanked of a Black person.

    This must be government’s policy, announced and implemented like PPP because we suffer too much. The scale of Black suffering is monumental.

    Black people on judgement panels must choose themselves to vote for reforms or they will be dragged on by recalcitrant, hostile white law makers. Decisions about policing have to be done outside the courtrooms because its a turf war of white supremacy over Blacks. Blacks must make their own economic decisions and implement themselves as representatives of Federal Reserve monies issued out to Black communities.

    • We have to see Blacks prosper and building their own wealth with the Federal Reserve systems without a White supremacist going to that community to bomb, maim, shoot or burn down any building of Blacks. Period.
    Video: ABC 13 Houston, June 10, 2020, Youtube

    Blacks must be integrated into the community NOT as poor but as architects of their own buildings with their Federal Reserve money – or we will encourage Blacks to print and mint their own currency and trade with the huge African continent right next door. I’m sure China will agree.

    And we must listen to White-Americans’ demand for the system that favors them to change and prevent further schism amongst themselves and their migrating families from their Homeland, the European continent. This should stop some White-Americans from over leveraging themselves, especially as HR officials etc in hounding and subverting employment of Blacks in tech companies. Their dishonesty is blatant and evident for all mankind. πŸ™‚

    White man Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell perpetuating White supremacy in America’s fiscal policy even as George Floyd’s case raged on. Image: Yorbing.com, from Yahoo Finance, June 10, 2020, on Youtube.

    White Fed Chair Jerome Powell plays the white-shield-in-armor to change America’s economic plight with himself in a news conference mainly by Whites, Indian and Chinese in America? Why are Whites so jobbed and Blacks so unemployed? Whites would rather favor anybody but Blacks in search of money or jobs. An example is the white supremacist’s arm-in-comrade, Australia.

    Image: Yorbing.com. From: Yahoo Finance Youtube stream Live, June 11, 2020

    And the Press Corp present, not a single Black American reporter represented, asking questions about their own welfare, and doesn’t mention the epochal mass George Floyd protests outside his offices. F***king Moron.

    Video: NBC News, June 10, 2020, Youtube

    Above is a series of now-out police atrocities….glorying police violence…

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