Police Brutality: The Whole Of Africa Keenly Watches What Unfold In America

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 3, 2020

*Featured: Now This News, June 3, 2020, Youtube

As a graduate student attending school in Australia I had a run-in with immigration officials who racially profiled me and detained for 4 hours and falsely accused me of having drugs in my luggages, even though I embarked at one of the strictest Airport security checks in the world, JFK International Airport. Every body was allowed to go through smoothly but I alone was pounce upon and detained at Brisbane Airport. It also happened at Sydney Airport. I was constantly harassed going to school in Australia and also intentionally failed in journalism class. I was laughed off in the planes and no one will sit by me. Recently, a cop was called to warn me off at Birmingham Airport, to put me down because I was acting too dignified. An Indian was called in to examine my passport and visas because I was deemed to be traveling too much, to and from Birmingham to Newark NJ.

During FM Radio training classes the lecturer wouldn’t sit where I sat and almost failed me in the course work. Coming home, I arrived at JFK one day and was immediately singled out and questioned by white officers which was a daunting scary moment for me. And many, many more. Fucking morons.

Nigerians lament…

Video: VoiceTV Nigeria, June 3, 2020, Youtube

Ghanaians mourn..

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And British-Nigerian of Star War fame said…

Video: iTV, June 3, 2020, Youtube

A lady is savagely shoved by NY police…

Video: Now This News, June 3, 2020, Youtube

Pretty worrying…

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