Police Brutality: Tulsa Rally Is Protested

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Yorbing Staff Sunday June 21, 2020

*Featured: Washington Post, June 21, 2020, Youtube

People protest in Tulsa, Oklahoma…with police still pelting in macho ways….

Video: Today, June 21, 2020, Youtube

Bash some few heads…

Video: ABC News, June 21, 2020, Youtube

Ironically surprising, Deutche Welle News even said it succinctly…humph! They dont even mention shamefacedly that Trump is their own fellow German from Kallstadt, Germany.

Video: DW News, June 20, 2020

A goofy, …

Video: AFP News Agency, June 20, 2020, Youtube

Video: Global News, June 19, 2020, Youtube

Who is the enemy of Black people….

Video: CNBC Television, June 19, 2020, Youtube

The same thing they still do in South Africa…..on the ground in Tulsa..

Video: Courtesy of News2Share, June 21, 2020, Youtube

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