Police Brutality: UK-Indian Priti Patel Is A Witch, Malema Speaks

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday June 9, 2020

*Featured: Voicetv Nigeria, June 9, 2020, Youtube

U.K. is especially evil to Black-Britons and is cruel…omg…one protestor said that the rate of deep racism that endemnify in British society is tough to overcome and coronavirus pandemic is the least of her problems to protest openly against injustices in British society.

Video: iTV News, June 8, 2020, Youtube

Joe Biden…Blah blah blah…

Video: ABC News, June 9, 2020, Youtube

A recount…

Even Leopold II…

Video: DW News, June 8, 2020, Youtube

U.K unearth some nasty open racism deeply entrenched in the psyche of Blacks…

Is this working?…Really..?

May peace prevail then to UK if Priti Patel is not overcomed by her own systemic racism that dwells in her attitude towards a worthy cause in British society.

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