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    Police Brutality: Why Black Men In Particular? Then Stop Dating White Women


    Jun 18, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday June 18, 2020

    *Featured Image: Nation Edition.com, ‘Jason Derulo: Is This His News Girlfriend‘, May 11, 2020

    These white-supremacist women in particular, insert themselves into Blacks’ lives just so they can gain attention and mouth off, in support of their men’s brutality and cruelty to Black men in particular.

    White supremacist media shit-queen Laura Ingraham, emasculates important Black Sports men and thinks its normal…Laura Ingraham must go…Her comments are highly toxic and inflammatory, not befitting a news anchor and must be fired like yesterday. Dont accept this sitting, she must go and nobody should ever speak like that again to Black men. Her vindictiveness is just too much and must be squelched because its very, very dangerous. Why do Black men even bang White women? Is it because of their power or money or beauty? Are white women beautiful? Better than Black women? Is it their pale ghostly pigskin? Blacks certainly do not have to ‘mix’ with whites to produce cute children, as we are poisoned to believe.

    Video: Now This New, June 17, 2020, Youtube

    Man on man…How do men see the violence meted out particularly against Black men in particular? Do they feel angry, Frustrated? Provoke? What is cruelty? Male chauvinism have to prove their worth to … boujee women or example to their children…?

    Money is not getting into the hands of Black men of late, due to White-implemented austerity. Government is directly responsible for cash-strapped men, too tired to work. Sometimes they are worked to the bone and do not want to talk to nobody about how they feel. For example, asking,’do you feel overworked?’ ‘Are you tired of work?’ ‘What would you do any differently?’

    Some might ask men, ‘how do you see the worth of Black women in your life?’ ‘Are you secretive with your accounting style, or to your female assistant?’

    Taxation can be a key factor to openness about wealth but at the same time the banks are mostly managed by bozo-men who do not want openness about how money is distributed to the public from the banks’ vaults except by direct deposits.

    Video: Now This News, June 14, 2020, Youtube

    Also, companies become monopolistic by default of an imperial mindset, by expanding to offshore -westernized- countries. Western companies thrive and make their orbitry countries cross boundaries to where they have allocated their resources to; across the globe (to form the five or six-eyes countries) so they can dominate markets deemed profitable or not. Like China, Indian, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc and US’s support for these Asian countries. They’ve made Africa and Africans a pariah to be despised and then support their partnership over these particular countries, India and China (Japan, South Korea) with cash, money and TLC. Whites do not shoot at Asian, Indians or themselves as much as you Africans in particular.

    Black Briton mores…

    Men become war criminals from generation to generation and sets a precedent for bloody murders…

    Video: Ruptly, June 15, 2020, Youtube

    These men must face war crime court systems, especially in Scotland because its their flags that represent the Confederate Flag, a dead giveaway to their countries of origin but uncharacteristically quiet about that. Whites would rather be white America or American than European-Americans, I wonder why?

    The same goes with their Oh So Blond girls who some Black men have been addicted to and voraciously ‘mix’ with. Even though they are toxic and unattractive, Black men still go after them due to Black powerlessness and its defeatism that goes with Blacks’ plight, like an enticing apple, trying to solve a need to overcome prejudice and poverty. But believe me, Black women are better looking, enterprising, harder working than these expensive vixens. Look at Instagram Black entrepreneurs! No one sponsors them but they succeed come high water or not.

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Sept 23, 2016, Youtube

    Recent born neo Nazi German-American, Tomi Lahren and whoever her name is, was totally a bombshell that was unexpectedly bold. She threw down the gauntlet with practiced ease. These type take Black men away and lure them into racist hell. The parody is many, especially this woman below, who Blackfished Black women’s beauty to look beautiful just so she can have Black children without recourse.

    Image: NBC News, Oct 15, 2019.

    Even on Instagram and many more…


    Fake Black girls are an important trend among White girls and women, in particular. Some even pretend they are mixed, and Black men are attracted to such girls, deeply. Flee Bro. Flee for your life. For some, it might be too late, but for those ogling these women, stop and flee that racism, it ain’t good.

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