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    Police Brutality: Why Does U.S. Honors Its Own Enemies


    Jun 17, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff, Isabel Cofie, Wednesday June 17, 2020

    *Featured: The Countable, June 11, 2020 [accessed June 17, 2020].

    White European-American Confederates mystified their origins from Europe, especially their conquerors of British descent to America and deified themselves (like King James authority) to mask their true identity so they can gain mythical status by taking on Old Biblical names to mimic Ancient Israel.

    A rather strange mindset of a spell cast upon Americans psyche…Why does America honor with immortal statues its own enemies that resisted its independence and warred viciously with it? Then its a veritable threat that supremacists are imperialists who are looking for the perfect time to take over America….

    The oppression of Blacks is so acculturated that Blacks themselves are convinced that the wickedness is good against them and they must acquiesce to the symbols of racism. Gail King herself a Black, see the Confederate monument being torn down as ‘where Confederate monuments are under attack, is under attack, rather …(she repeated). CBS is highly oppressive when it comes to Blacks – I’ve experienced it myself. NBC also, infact, all the media oppress Blacks viciously and wouldn’t give us a job positions. That’s why Black journalist practically starve to career death.

    Because of racism, whites have to raise themselves above Blacks in jobs become a special ‘favor’ bestowed upon the otherwise undeserving Black (who owns the country anyway) but is made to feel as if it doesn’t belong to Blacks, who built it with their blood and tears of slavery, to be what is America today and in which the whites take fierce pride in and obsessively want to be part of. For Asians, they have something that whites crave for, or want to be part of, which is … – nothing.

    The oppressor happens to be rich and gay

    Video: CBS This Morning

    The statue means its them that rule in Congress and Senate and will steal votes, if ever be to stay in the orbit of America-Europeans’ glory.

    So who are the federalists and why the split? Within American politics that go beyond the borders of Europeans politics? Yes, there’s the Queen and the Royal families in Europe (who are safely ensconced in the United States of America) and European powers including England. They are the richest folks on earth and they want to keep it that way.

    Their soul and heart is from Germany and beyond Russia to all around the earth. Its sad indeed. Here’s a clip of the situation about White European-Americans who fought to overthrow the United States government but are deemed heroes because they are white men who fights Blacks men.

    Video: Now This News, June 16, 2020, Youtube

    Trumpf is German with deep German roots and visits his relatives in Germany. These particular group of his country are fiercely reclusive and racist. Trumpf’s ideology plays in the America-Germanic sense where there’s general grievance or trauma about WWII and Nazism. Not only is Trumpf a Nazi adherent or believer, he’s also an enemy of America to take over and be the dictator over it.

    There should be no sympathy votes for Trumpf and his like because U.S will bust at the seams and Black will suffer but eventual rise against it and defend themselves against white tyranny. This will affect global peace.

    His friends should never be in office, neither should he as a president of the United States of Shit to them but valued to Black Americans who labored, unpaid, for over 300 years or so. And continue to grieve…

    Video: NBC News, June 15, 2020, Youtube

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