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    Police Brutality:FB Ads Gets Knocked Down, KKK Stores


    Jul 4, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday July 2, 2020. *Featured: CNBC Television, July 2, 2020, Youtube.

    Some ‘ol KKK stores in town and BLM protestor face off…

    Video: NBC News, July 4, 2020, Youtube

    Montclair, NJ is a hotbed of white hostility. In fact NJ harbors one of the most hated groups in the country…

    Video: NBC New York, July 2, 2020, Youtube

    A little more details…

    Video: EyeWitness News, July 1, 2020, Youtube

    Most of the callers want Blacks to be killed by police…

    TYT Sports, July 2, 2020, Youtube

    An old guard of systemic racism in America above…

    Video: NBC News, July 3, 2020, Youtube

    An interesting police cruelty and B.S. in Colorado…

    Video: CBS News, July 3, 2020, Youtube

    And below is what happened…

    Video: The Young Turks, June 27, 2020, Youtube

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