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    Power Brokers: U.S Agric Dept Will Pay 4.7 Billion Dollars to American Farmers Hit by China Trade War


    Sep 25, 2018
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    This means the Dollar, as a property of U.S.A can dip into the money bag anytime to compensate any trade war or cover any dissension of its own making. So soybean, cotton and other products farmers play ‘innocent’ and get a hefty billions in Dollars. This action by the Administration means U.S buys its own products meant for export markets to alleviate shocks for the farmers. The soybean president is John Heisdorffer.

    1. U.S cannot be trusted with an international currency, it uses Dollar as a proxy for wars and bullying.

    2. European currencies, curiously, is the lingua franca of world trades and they have too much leverage over those who do not have access to money headquarters aka Minting headquarters.

    3. Anyone that owes U.S should not pay anything because Big Mama is there to pay for any mishap. A world currency is a backyard for U.S politicians to pander and ameliorate with.

    Where is student loan aid and poverty alleviation for students and graduates? U.S government is playing footsy with the Dollar. Boycott it.

    If an international currency is going to be used to manipulate and gain ascendency to world dominion then dont use it. Secondly, Each continent must produce a currency for the world markets, not Europeans’ currencies. It gives them too much leverage and money talks and trades. Add more currencies as legitimate world currency interchangeable and exchangeable in the world. Bitcoin is timely except it curiously ineffective and come from them. I did not even know U.S locally have relief programs for those adversely affected by its own makings -austerity measures , ‘budget’ cuts, deliberate unemployment and debts systems. U.S is its own enemy. This is a non critical reporting and deserves censor.

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