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    Power Corrupts Indeed


    Feb 27, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday February 27, 2019

    The quest for political powers enters into the heart and mind of some men and it becomes a lethal game to play, for all to see. Who has the advantage and who doesn’t. So are those men who must compete at all times just so they have position, whether good or bad. These habits have turned into an expensive warfare of sort, to mankind and vest us so.

    Men plants themselves into an advantageous position to, in the least, help an occasion then suddenly becomes inheritors of power over nations, power over others and its bitterly fought over, for decades, if not millennia.

    And I’m not talking about Kim of south Korea alone, its all o’ yo’: a fledgling strongman Akufo Addo of Ghana, Nigeria’s sad sickly man Buhari and America’s suavely-pasted politicians.

    They like being the enter of attention, being recognized as veritables, for ruin and for glory. Who dares? Heads will be chopped off, families will be harassed and chased out, vulnerable men will be victimized and summarily beaten to a pulp. Some will be brutally and cold-bloodly shot down. Just so come of these men can maintain their grip on the hearts and souls of their kind. A game of reprisals and vengefulness. To shot down and to destroy ‘opponents’ just so they will win ‘the game’.

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