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    Power of Imbalances -Monied Devils


    Sep 25, 2018
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    In my upcoming book, “Child Labor in Metropolitan Accra” there is nowhere near the horrors of Africans in bondage overseas, whereas children stay on the streets for their livelihood and for their survival, the America’s is a more entrenched disregard for human degradation in work. I’m deeply sorry for the pain of our African forebears that has endured many a hundred of years of sorrows, the enormity of their plight is still unravelling especially on two occasion, today’s NPR MarketPlace’s.


    And White Supremacists’ significant message by encircling the statue of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville August 2017. This guy Jefferson, a British, whose family migrate to colonial America. The British in America are so mythifies we have no way to know with commonsense where it all begun. Such mysticism surrounds political leaders that their statue becomes almost a spiritual value where White Supremacists find their solace in.

    At first I thought it was a guy called General Lee, whose statue was adored by them but later realized that the place was actually a university campus with Thomas Jefferson’s statue on it. Its really apt that today’s NPR Marketplace story centers on the business side of an otherwise nebulous labor system that exploits people. For me its disheartening that they don’t talk much about the real business sense of the rationality of unpaid labor for us to learn a lesson from it and warn us of an equally questionable Federal Reserve system, monetary monopoly, wages, fair equity of resources and open discussion of the consequence of a systemic abuse of power. We are rendered indecisive and unprepared at the face of president Obama’s monetary budgeting policies aka Sequestration (a nasty hate- filled political B.S.), budget-cuts and austerity that has crippled economies world-wide and left millions on a long-term unemployment rut.

    Forewarned is forearmed. If you don’t know your enemies country of origin why deify this system. With Arabs’ Trans-saharan slave trades in mind and other long African victimization of slavery on the east and in between, it leaves me nonplussed and discouraged.

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