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    Punish The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince


    Oct 12, 2018
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    Saudi Arabians have been savagely killing, raping foreign workers and acting in a most cruel way to people. Jamal Khashoggi is just one of the many crimes of the Saudis, including the animalistic behaviors they’ve exhibited by bombing Yemenis mercilessly. There was 9/11 which Iraq and Afghanistan paid needlessly for and other heinous crimes that the Saudis commit. The very voice that is needed for guidance to reform is silenced.

    If there’s going to be any modernism or ‘reform’ the prince must so away with that Islamic garb, and prove of manhood and the ‘breeding’ culture of theirs.  There is nothing remarkable except ‘being rich’ off of the poor Saudi people themselves.

    Get rid of the skirts.

    The House of Saudis have stocked up on many weapons just to kill their perceived ‘enemies’ due to their volatile nature and cultures of ruinous behaviors. Local technology, manufacturing and alleviation of poverty is not part of the plan, rather, its constant war mongering with self, next door neighboring countries, some nasty religiousity and intolerance. That savage illiteracy comes up now and then in diplomatic circles including 9/11 and Yemen. Racism is rife in Saudi Arabia and in the Arab world. There is a gross lack of respect for women and not very smart men in politics, as if we care enough to say something except its so gross.

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