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    Races and Migration Patterns


    Dec 10, 2018
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    African migrants go to France and face fierce opposition of European brethren wanting violence to remove people of Africa out of its northern hemisphere, Europe. Not remembering that southern Africa has the same struggle and want whites out of south Africa and Namibia. The reaction on both sides doesn’t help anybody. Wealth and infrastructural works are not evenly spread out, causing urban tensions to flare up now and then. Most migrants including whites are desperate for some decent livelihood and peace. Today European immigrants to the U.S. figures are sneakily made to look ‘legal’ and to soften the numbers as if its for the best. European researchers deliberately merge Europe with America as legal amalgamation of empires as one across their various colonized countries that stretches across the globe. They lie about the figures and massage it to look decent and acceptable. There’s no mention of European migrations making it difficult to assess who is who, so far as the figures are conveniently muddled-up to mask Europe’s struggles with their own economies, it is difficult to assess the real situation. In 2013 alone nearly 55K Europeans got ‘legal status’, not counting Melania Trump’s parents who were illegals then. The issue is still poignant today and might cause more divisions.

    Central American indigenous people fight for their lives and meet with a death wish. If governments will admit they are failing in their economic policies that might help a bit. Europeans also migrate in millions a year, except they travel more comfortably and legally (for now) and is counted as normal. For example 10 million Germans migrated to the U.S. within 10 years, that will destroy any country but U.S. managed to absorb them into American society.

    Top diasporan groups in America irrespective of indigenous populations:

    *Feature image: Visual capitalist, June 2018

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