Rachid The Ever Male Sexy Belly Dancer

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Yorbing Staff Monday Special, April 5, 2021. Sashdi, Aug 30, 2020, Youtube.

Gorgeous, fluid moves….

Video: Sashdi, June 28, 2020, Youtube

Entrancing and powerfully retrained in a controlled movement…

Video: Sashdi, June 19, 2018, Youtube

In teaching, his students cant even seem to project his seemingly endless passion…

Video: Sashdi, June 3, 2025, Youtube

Dexterous in Kyoto…

Video: Sashdi, Dec 18, 2020, Youtube

With drums solo in California…

Video: Sashdi, Dec 7, 2021, Youtube

In 2012, Rachid was equally prolifirate in his craft of belly dancing, a feat for female artists, which he took it to a towering height and won hands down…

Video: Sashdi, Feb 22, 2021, Youtube

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Video: Sashdi, June 28, 2020, Youtube

More to come—

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