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    Racism As A Convenience


    Jan 23, 2019
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    Racists may growl, howl, snarl-scary but underneath all, the key reason is to skimp benefits that society offer, for themselves. It is about competition for scarce or perceived scarce resources. It is to give the message that competition matters and without it we are fine.

    I closely watched people’s behavior before and after the financial crash and the money-hunger that followed. People’s attitudes changed. They were tense. First by graduates looking desperately for jobs, money and adults looking for housing security and wages-raise. Of course, the lowest at the rung of the ladder felt it immediately and were feeling despondent. I wish I could quantify the number of young people feeling poor for the first time in their lives and had to work to ease the pressures of needing cash on a consistent basis. It was tough. It still is.

    Racism has a meaning and it is a need to be recognized as thus, a needy human being who may or may not want a need, like friendship, family, close colleagues, going out mates, groups together in warm embrace. Being accepted as one is ok etc.

    Tom Steyer’s List of Trump’s high turnover rate in the administration

    Today Trump’s family has benefited hugely from the largesse of U.S. flawed constitutional laws that favors white populace as the right citizens to own businesses in America. Trumps family show their ungratefulness to the American public that has supported their businesses to success by being racist and tribalistic in their dealings with everyone else. Look at the rate of firings and resignations under this administration. Its appalling.

    Trump and Dad, NY. Image: amNY

    Trump is ungrateful and does not appreciate what America offered his family when his grand parents come from Germany to New York. It is a grave disservice to the country, first by his antics, refusal to create a safe haven for Americans and endangering American businesses at home and abroad. He has enriched himself and his family at the expense of the country by his nefarious business practices and has been wont to be a faithful partner to his almighty dollar kingdom.

    Ivanka Trump sells a book. Image: Bloomberg

    If Americans have trusted Trump enough to vote for him to be a president, he is busily ruining it. What is it that Trump’s children feel so ungrateful about that they’d rather enrich themselves than help Americans? Trump brags that he comes from a rich family and answerable to no one, except himself.

    Look how important African Americans are to America’s prosperity that the Trumps migrated to come and enjoy. Yet they did not see fit to get anyone on board the administration except Omarosa and Carson. The only obvious African American representative and she was let go.

    So Trump is saying that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth therefore he will not take responsibility for his ruining America under his administration.

    A sneaky, unqualified son-in-law, Kushner with Trump. Image: Axios.com

    Does it mean that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner will be a dolly to Trump’s dilly to deceive and lead America astray? The Trumps are so controversial that U.S. Education system, normally the leading focus of the last four presidents, is a none issue. Children will suffer. Unemployed grads will fall behind in life and not be able to attain their American dreams.

    Trump’s theatrics are not funny and America will pay at the long run for his mistakes and I-dont-carism. Its a huge setback to America’s progress and will be felt for decades to come. Did America teach Trump mores? Where did he get his mores from? If Trump believed in his ‘make America great again’ theme he wouldn’t be a politician. If He wants to make America ‘Great Again’, why hasn’t he employed the PhDs, grad Lawyers, newly-minted doctors, Tech grads etc in the Republican party to his cabinet?

    Why employ only his cronies? Make America Great Again Is A mockery. Trump practices nepotism. He practices serious frauds -misleading investors and buyers of his services- and grunge-like racism even though U.S. constitution states equal protection and race; and diversity as a right.

    Is this diverse government? Image: Business Insider

    Trump practices serious racism. A whooping 97% of his cabinet is white. Steve Bannon a known racist, was in his cabinet. White supremacists endorse him. He panders to whites’ fears to vote him into office. He stokes hate against Black and Brown folks, the U.S. Mexico border wall to keep out Black and Brown people. He spookily separates refugee children from their mothers and families.

    And then he has the temerity to say that he will make America great again. How? What is his definition of greatness? Even his criminal business dealings are not enough to indict him just because he is president. What?

    TV is full of crime scenes, Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS, Law and Order, CSI, police investigators etc…and yet U.S. allows Trump to operate freely. If an African American president have been half what Trump is, he will be out of office by now. When Khashoggi was killed what did Trump say? He said that he will sacrifice Khashoggi for money anytime. To him a printed matter backed by nothing is better than human life. Trump would rather live in plush settings than deal with his minions, those asshole he calls us as grads.

    Lord, may people like Trump never take up presidency in this country ever again. Clean this government and let us not have evil leaders like him.

    Featured Graphic: Washington Post Opinion

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