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    Racism At Its Core


    Jan 4, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 4, 2019

    So where are the Black Brazilians?

    Explanation of Europeans “Christians” against others not of their kind, to suppress thir stance against hegemonic whites. Its again European-Brazilians against everyone else. Its not really about ‘democratic or anyone free’ values, its about leading the ‘club’.

    Where Euro-US apparachik alliances think south American countries are economically mismanaged, meaning socialism at its core can be tamed.

    These think only of themselves and their survival. If south Africans traders are part of this particular group they must play their game well and have a Black representative in the BRIC group, not controlled by whites. The speaker suggests creating a white male christian club in the biggest christan countries, America, Russia and Brazil against China (and mind you any Africa country that succeeds), a christian counterpart to the organization of Islamic cooperation (us and them, divide and conquer. Maybe a Taoist Buddhist Asian organization against the Euro christian network). Te world will not ‘get any closer’ ask Janet Abu Lughod. Why “intervene” in other countries affairs? Even the suggested action is telling on these speakers.

    Descendants of trade in humans for example from the Portuguese era (Elmina ‘portuguese’ castle) on the Gold Coast might have gone on for a 100 years, the Euro attitude is still prevalent towards those they deem suppressable.

    There will be no peace if there’s no justice.

    Above is Ghana embassy in Brazil. It seemingly looks like Ghana of the elite are unwilling to confront whites on genocide and slavery. The Gold Coast slavery is overshadowed and ignored even if Black Brazilians suffer poverty and racism where ever whites are prevalent. Akufo-Addo administration is spectacularly elitist.

    Ghana representative Ambassador Abena Busua for Brazil. Akufo Addo carefully picks ex-president families to take lucrative government positions to represent Ghanaians abroad.
    Abena Busua poses with 40 “Afro descendents” without any reference to Portuguese in El Mina Castle or slavery in Ghana or indigenous Brazilians displaced by European colonization

    Or visit the indigenous populations displaced by land invasion, colonization, genocide to comfort them.

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