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    Racism In Islam


    Jan 14, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 14, 2019

    What has christianity or Islam got to do with slavery of brethren? Is it not man’s greed, ignorance and proclivity to cruelty and damaging competition? It was the form of workmanship and labor systems, the purchasing and payments of one’s labored hours that caused confusion and abuse of that system, beginning with exploitation of a vulnerable persons, groups then a full blown nationhood and race.

    Then there’s the abuse of one another, unforgiveness, quarrels and wars.

    European tradesmen in the guise of religion committed crimes against humanity. They cloaked themselves with godly sainthoods and whooped us sore till the victims bled for generations. Judgement is yet to come, however I’d say that Haiti and the ferocious war waged against Europeans by Africans themselves and African-British, including those in the European court systems brought a convincing argument against the practice. Has hatred against African Americans or people of Africa by the three major races, principally whites, Arabs or Asian abated in the work place or countries or even in the political realm? No.

    1. There were African insurrections by themselves.
    2. There was a long tradition of slave resistance
    3. Africans were the original inhabitants of Europe, i.e. northern part of the continent
    4. Those who might have been involved in ending it may have been a little bit christianized but it was divisive and highly quarrelsome.
    5. Its just not one entity but a whole group of advocates that pushed for change. They fought wars, viciously for a long time – hundreds of years.

    Revealing History stated: ‘The punishment for enslaved Africans who rebelled was horrific’.

    Nonsense Europeans, Portuguese were in everywhere along the coast peddling people to farmlands, it was a brisk business. Portuguese Francisco de Souza was stationed in Togo and had family there. Which part of west Africa are European businessmen not found? Weren’t your queens and kings hounding their own citizens to get into Africa or themselves enslaved? Who are the south Africans or whites in Angola?

    The topic looks at just one out of many reasons for wickedness and sheer stupidity to go on forever.

    And then there’s the study of contemporary of religious meaning of slavery.

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