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    Racist Govt Reflects Mayhem on the Streets in DC


    Sep 25, 2018
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    Ask Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, both lethal formidable opponents that tormented hatred towards the then new President Obama’s governmental policies that eventually made him look like a failed pariah for some and a victim for many. A chilling rejectionistic attitude towards president Obama and the downright unceptations that plague European Americans especially of the British/Anglo mold -most of them whom are politicians Irish, English, Scottish, French, German and Spanish. The “ishes” that think people of African descent are to be cheated in economies, thrive or not. Their population has expanded so they are here to stay. Of course.

    These opponents many attempts to usurp their will upon a democratically elected mandate of a president caused a bitter divide that culminated in bringing forth nebulous foul Trump and fatso Chris Christie and their likes. European Americans especially British immigrants who make it into the political arenas round the world emulate this system of hate and bickering in politics. They underestimated President Obama’s Godly spirit and self-discipline and virtuosity. Oh we know who pushed the gay agendas and the backlash that we see culminate on the streets, not to mention a toxic mix of austerity for a long, painful years up to the present.

    And then this,

    Image: The Daily Mail Aug 14, 2017 : white supremacists protests Africans Americans and Minorities representation.

    The embedded racism and discriminatory culture won’t go away anytime soon, its the bedrock of invasion and occupation of other people’s lands and it won’t stop. The action on the street is an echo chamber worldwide, reflective of Western Europeans wherever colony took place. Australian Aborigines suffer extinction up to this day. Its the same British system that operates there and cause heinous poverty of Aborigines’ children.

    NPR The Two Way, March 16, 2018 white supremacists beating an African American guy in Charlotteville, NC. They beat and shoot Minorities in a murderous rage to keep them in line.

    The savage beating of our brother in Charlottesville shows the murderous, freewheeling imperious behaviors endemic in the relationship between European Americans and other races in America.

    Since Arab invasions into Africa (600s AD) and occupied the whole northern part of the continent and blocked the Indian Ocean so they can manipulate trade networks -oils and other goods and the wall between Africa Morocco and Spain border and their Trans-Saharan slave trades, Africans have not been the same, militarily and economically since. Europe Portuguese as middlemen for Arab slavers promulgated the Atlantic slavery (1492) further weakening the economic proweress of western-part of Africa and its next-door neighbor, South America.

    With subSaharan Africa’s weakened economy (shipping across seas has virtually ceased and islands in-between the two near continents are again controlled by Portuguese and Spaniards Cape Verde, and the ever greedy grasping British where even stony specks belong to them, like Ascension and St. Helena etc. Pity.



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