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    Reason for Startup Success?


    Oct 1, 2018
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    According to a TED presentation the biggest reason why startups succeed, by Bill Gross, 05, is first: 1) Timing – it took me a whole 3 months, even after paying $700 to start a site, and wordpress was a woeful experience with lingos I didn’t even understand, not to mention unwieldy gadgets that wasn’t fast enough. A BS web hostages etc and it still fragmented, crashed, hacked into, registered on etc.

    2. Team: for my manufacturing clothes I need assistance all the time, lack of this makes manufacturing SO SLOW and low volume. 3. He mentioned ‘Idea’ but I thought it should come first to gauge expense but with a seed money accessible immediately to avoid lag. The talent and skill for product to look and feel certain for prime money sales. If you dont have this forget about it. Strive for good products, aesthetically and quality. For ladies and as a graduate this is a no brainer as I’ve suffered numerous times in ignorance, I mean people dont help me with funding. Its hard to come by. I struggled, since 2010, for funding and have to overly depend on my husband for sustenance. It broke my marriage. Gross frankly veered off for lack of personal experience or as a white dude, I dont know. You tend to waste too much time with a business model, but its ok to have one. Experience in your process of acquiring your startup garners experience and time to shape a model, overtime. For success, it has to be a well-placed dude or dudette, in monied situations, be it well to do family, cash stash, hefty startup cash or right amount of cash and of course timely helper or savior. What is wrong with starting on your own? Its ok to start on your own except that these guys, like Gross, do not appreciate the difference between having the timely help, network connections, money and the idea (which you might have poached anyway).

    I need an office, because I know my idea is timely, so we will do it online. I need a flat-iron machine -industrial-grade- its expensive. The other equipment is coveted, as if U.S startup space is sought after and unattenable. It gives me a sneaking suspicion that whites do not want people of African descent to succeed, generally and specifically and in New Jersey also. Grants a re nil, money is poof! Idea stays and dies. Hopefully not.

    Gross is a rich man, he does not have issue with funding, its not a problem, as a male and as a white male. But I’m very glad he gave us an idea as to what I’m doing wrong or facing.

    Your environment have to be clean and spotless -no low grade filthy environment, nobody likes that

    Language of communication to customers must be clear and flawless

    Must be skilled tech person

    Use the tech you invest in – go for prime or save to get the best machines to aid along your business processes

    Be comforted that you are not alone in striving for success, late or laggardly it might be

    Your product have to be great quality, for display. Make sure there is no question about the cleanliness of the place of operation.

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