Relationships: Break

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Yorbing Staff, Tuesday September 20, 2019

*Featured: Yomi Black, July 29, 2013, Youtube.

The regular guys are having a hay day and grabbing all the fine, fine girls, especially the educated ones. The videos that musicians churn-out are grossly misrepresented with women’s bodies and showcase these women as trashy and cheap sexy…

For some reason women cannot be ladies and free at the same time, some society norms keep upending women’s liberations. Can women be themselves for once, without a moron disturbing us?

Independent women do not depend on men to be sexy or free. Expectations and circumstancial reality can be a cold shower on a rainy day.

Below is Wowo Boyz:

Video: Wowo Boyz, June 7, 2019, Youtube

And rejoice … by Aphricanace:

Video: Aphricanace Feb 18, 2015, Youtube.

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