Relationships: Do You Remember? Do You Know?

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday September 18, 2019.

*Featured: DJ Ganyani Feat. Mlu & Big Nuz, ‘Be There‘, By Ganyani Entertainment, Dec 27, 2012, Youtube.

Below is important piece to caution …by Chike, ‘Out Of Love’:

Video: Official Chike, Aug 1, 2018, Youtube

Just know what you want as soon as possible…Breeny Lee:

Video: Breeny Lee, June 10, 2019, YouTube

Chike, ‘You Deserve It’:

Video: Official Chike, Dec 26, 2018, Youtube

Well then calm down and go with the flow you ‘matured’ you…Funbi, ‘Hallelujah’:

Video: Funbi Music, Jan 26, 2017, YouTube

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