Reparations And America’s Historical Heritage

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 3, 2019

*Important discussion: – “The United State Government has not taken responsibility for its role in the enslavement era of post-slavery, segregation and all the discriminatory policies that we see today, whether it is in healthcare or education or the criminal punishment system” – it need an unfettered apology matched with action. Reparations is about repair, amends, to address many forms of injury, teaching correct history…

WNYC The Takeaway By Tanzina Vega April 3, 2019

Asking Democratic presidential candidates about reparations for slavery seems to have become standard, ahead of 2020. And it has left many candidates scrambling to respond. But the debate around whether or not — and how — to fund reparations for black Americans goes far beyond being a political talking point. For Maxine Crump, a descendant of enslaved people, the goal is clear:

“It’s a repayment for what has been owed.”

Crump is a descendant of slaves sold by Georgetown University in 1838, and President and CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana. Tanzina sat down with Maxine to talk about reparations in America: what they could look like, and what it would take to make them a reality. Also joining the conversation was Katherine Franke of Columbia University, author of the forthcoming book “Repair: Redeeming the Promise of Abolition,” and Nkechi Taifa, an attorney and founding member of The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.

A system a little understood. It was not explained to us the horrors of the moments, the sheer injustices committed. Its not monetary per se.

*Adhere to a moral imbalance, meaning trying to address the moral imbalance for example the heinous condition of Blacks in Australia called ‘Aborigines’ when they are precious brethren. Watch below tube:

Picture this: –

…”Today, most of Prospect Hill’s architectural peers have literally fallen by the wayside, and the majority of the area’s white residents have moved away, taking their money with them.

As Crawford put it, the region is “a wrecked ship, and the crew who wrecked it got off a long time ago”. Jefferson County today has the highest percentage of black residents – 85% – of any county in the US and is the fourth poorest, according to the most recent census. All of which means the options for Prospect Hill are limited. …” The Guardian.


A Little Law:

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