Sanchez, U.S. Did Not Lead A Coup In Venezuela

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Yorbing Staff, January 24, 2019

RT, first of all Venezuela’s opposition deciding to declare himself interim president is not a new concept at all. Raila Odinga did the same with Uhuru Kenyatta, a bitter rival and had been at it for a long time. Its just a copy cat stunt.

I suspect that European Spanish pundits like to diss-off African leadership. Your interviewee summarily dismissed an important example of Africa similar issue and he rather alluded to the African military as a usual dismissive manner “third world”.

Venezuela is not unique. Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation is still ongoing .

Maybe a socialist economy is a crap pot, so is criminal capitalism. Maybe practicing human compassion and kindness will ease economic pressures. Population density is a problem and people starve because of it.

Stop picking sides and rather help Venezuelans to get out of the hole, as yet.

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