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    Saudi Prince and Jamal Khashoggi Case


    Oct 16, 2018
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    The Saudi family and extreme belief in violence

    They claim Islam is a religion of peace yet commit the most heinous of inhumane atrocities -chopping up people, lopping off people’s heads, vicious rape and murder of children and women. Africa suffered in the hands of Arabs.

    With the case of a chop up and a disappearance of a Washington Post columnist, the Saudis were not thinking about modern sciences to determine the fate of Jamal Khashoggi.  They take their murder of Khashoggi for granted due to the fact that it might be the easiest way to deal with someone they disapprove of. Trump’s disabilities might be Khashoggi’s undoing for justice. A U.S. President may fill the role of a moral authority, of great character.  Both Trump and Saudi government are revulsive, of low character and benign.

    9/11 and the class action against Saudi Arabia, Lebanese President Harriri’s own kidnapping, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy run by a family consensus of important princes, but the now crown prince Mohammed Salman tries to break the consensus, and tries to take power like an Arab nationalism, modernizing dictator.  His reform is viewed as authoritarian pretending to be a modernizer. Khashoggi criticized the strongman by saying the prince should not abuse his power.  Khashoggi was part of the super elite, he was a personal advisor to prince Turki bin Faisal who had Saudi intelligence for 22 years, he came from an old family and had media power. According to France 24 English, every Saudi politician is framed by Islam and close to Muslim Brotherhood.  There’s a deep division in the Arab nations, Saudi Arabia and UAE pitted against Turkey and Qatar, and its also a question about the legitimacy of the crown prince.

    The crown prince is like the western princes of England with tons of influence, dashing around the globe, wheeling and dealing to be on the world stage and in the media. U.S. sleeps with the enemy and gets up with ticks all the time.  It is in the best interest of the princes to deny savagely chopping one of their own to death.  The Saudi family desperately need the their side of a global oil to flow for money into their personal coffers for young Saudi’s to obtain jobs. On the international stage the princes’ hijab or whatever holy image they project is wealth.


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