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    Scratch My Back, the Asian-Euro Imperialists


    Jul 18, 2018
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    Trade, trade trade, just watch and learn who dominates in trade in the U.S. The ones who moans America’s Whites ruin are the same group sidling for fat trade deals and leave most Brown and Black folks out of the deal. Black and Brown people are systematically disadvantaged as a result, causing persistent unemployment and cash poverty. White America overwhelmingly represents wealth including international trades systems, both private and national. Asian business partners see Whites as representation of economy-vein-U.S. business not African Americans or native Americans. Its is European Americans they partner with, consistently over many a decade, infact since the very inception of the empires. They know each other. They know who their business partners are and they know who sits next to the geisha and drink ‘soju’.

    Just talk to the rich Singaporeans and filthy rich Malaysians and the ever present Indians. Leave us alone.

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